Body English

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Walking into Body English is like walking into a basketball arena up on level C, row 83. Everything's laid out before you and depending on what time you showed up for the game, there's either a palpable feeling of anticipation or a furiously-paced event already in progress. The club is decked out like something you'd see at a rock star's house on "Cribs," and not one of these half-rocker/half-philanthropists we've got running around nowadays, but a real rocker. One who blows his money on a giant color-changing chandelier and extravagant leather furniture. The d├ęcor and the vibe, together with the crowd (which is always well-dressed -- so you should be, too) can sometimes make Body English a little intimidating, but we promise, under its tough-n-sexy veneer, it's actually a really accessible club.

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